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About Me: One Hungry Bunny

About Me: One Hungry Bunny

One Hungry Bunny is an opportunity to share with you my adventures (and misadventures) in the kitchen creating nutritious meals that are mainly plant-based to fuel my vegetarian, ultra-runner husband. Food is a vital aspect in our lives as long as we strive to make the best choices with simple modifications. Please join me in my journey to make our lives better one bite at a time!

Hello visitors! My name is Katie and welcome to One Hungry Bunny!

I was given the nickname, Bunny, since childhood and it has kept with me all my life.  As a Registered Dietitian in Boston, Massachusetts I discovered that food is beyond just three meals a day. For almost five years, I practiced in the clinical setting as an Inpatient Dietitian for both an acute and rehabilitation hospital.  After recently moving to Boulder, Colorado (a mecca for health and wellness) this past summer, I plan to continue promoting health and nutrition backed by evidence-based scientific research as I find it incredibly rewarding to provide expertise to my patients.

As I mostly write about plant-based foods and nutrition topics, I still consider myself a “flexitarian” and encourage all types of eaters to try out these recipes and food tips. Everything can be modified to your liking, i.e. gluten free, vegan, paleo, or meat eater.  I am not a certified culinary expert, but I am truly enjoying this learning process in my kitchen and experiencing it with you!


One Hungry Bunny
First marathon, Providence, RI (May 2016)


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